Towards an Analytical Framework for Assessing Property Rights to Natural Resources: A Case Study int he Communal Areas of Zimbabwe

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  • A taxonomy for describing porerty rights to natural resources is described and applied in a Zimbabwean case study. The taxonomy allows: tenures to be systematically comapred and contrasted; incentives for natural resource management to be identified; and the evolution of tenure to natural resources to be assessed. In the case study, we find: key differences between tenure types, all termed \"communal\"; a wide range of tenure arrangements that transcend concepts of \"tree\" and \"land tenure\"; information suggesting that the promotion of tree planting may work on some tenure types, but is likely to fail on others; and that the evolution of indigenous tenure to natural resources seems to have been somewhat immune from external changes in institutional systems. Prospects for further theoretical and empirical advances are discussed within the context of the property rights framework presented.

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