A contextual approach towards more accurate duplicate bug report detection and ranking

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  • The issue-tracking systems used by software projects contain issues, bugs, or tickets written by a wide variety of bug reporters, with different levels of training and knowledge about the system under development. Typically, reporters lack the skills and/or time to search the issue-tracking system for similar issues already reported. As a result, many reports end up referring to the same issue, which effectively makes the bug-report triaging process time consuming and error prone. Many researchers have approached the bug-deduplication problem using off-the-shelf information-retrieval (IR) tools. In this work, we extend the state of the art by investigating how contextual information about software-quality attributes, software-architecture terms, and system-development topics can be exploited to improve bug deduplication. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our contextual bug-deduplication method at ranking duplicates on the bug repositories of the Android, Eclipse, Mozilla, and OpenOffice software systems. Based on this experience, we conclude that taking into account domain-specific context can improve IR methods for bug deduplication.

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