Lower Bounds for Essential Dimension of Algebraic Groups in the Characteristic 2 Case

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    Babic, Antonio Alain
  • When computing the essential dimension of an algebraic group G defined over a field k, finding lower bounds is generally a much more difficult problem than finding upper bounds. For simple algebraic groups G of adjoint type, Chernousov-Serre developed a general method for computing lower bounds of G via an orthogonal representation. Their work did not cover the case when char(k) = 2, but they did note their belief that the method could be extended to this case. We will show that the method developed by Chernousov-Serre does indeed work in the characteristic 2 case. As an application, we employ the method to assist with the computation of the essential dimension of the orthogonal group O_n and simple adjoint groups of type G_2 in the characteristic 2 case.

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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
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    • Mathematics
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    • Chernousov, Vladimir (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
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    • Pianzola, Arturo (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
    • Zainoulline, Kirill (Mathematics and Statistics - University of Ottawa)
    • Putkaradze, Vakhtang (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
    • Gille, Stefan (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
    • Chernousov, Vladimir (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
    • Kuttler, Jochen (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)