El libro de recuerdos

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  • Introduction: Ana Maria Shua declared, in a 1994 interview with Beth Pollack, that if her books have any thing in common, it would be a particular sense of humor, of irony. That special brand of Shua humor, expressed in the colloquial, intimate porteijo Spanish she wields so well, invites the reader into the fictional world created in El libro de los recuerdos just as it captivated readers in her earlier novels, such as Los amores de Laurita (1984) or El marido argentino promedio (1994), or her short story collections Viajando se conoce gente (1988) o Los dias de pesca (1981).

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    • Beard, L. J., & Shua, A. M. (1996). El libro de recuerdos. Hispania, 79(4), 827-828. doi:10.2307/345366
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