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Growing up Bilingual: Tips and Resources for Parents Raising Emerging Bilingual and Multilingual Children

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  • In Fall of 2021, Dr. Andrea A.N. MacLeod and Dr. Catrine Demers created infographics on (1) tips and (2) resources for parents speaking a marginalized language at home and raising emerging bilingual and multilingual children. The (1) tips include information and strategies for parents to use with their children to keep children’s home language alive and growing: (a) being bilingual is good; (b) learning takes place at home, school, & community; (c) each family has different expectations and hopes; and (d) tips to keep language growing. The tips are available in English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, and Spanish. The (2) resources include online resources and in the community of Edmonton to keep children’s home language alive and growing: (a) the Multilingual Families Lab Website; (b) the Talkbox for Preschoolers website; (c) the Online Multilingual Storybooks; and (d) the Edmonton Public Library.

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