Some Business Concerns around Service-Oriented Architectures

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  • Technical report TR07-09. The objective of this paper is to explore the relationship between the engineering of Service-Oriented Applications and some strategic and economic concerns of the organizations that (consider to) adopt this architecture style for the development of their software systems. To that end, (a) we discuss some pragmatic observations regarding the potential role of SOAs in the current economy, (b) we identify some distinct types of applications envisioned to be developed in the SOA style, (c) we correlate some strategic business decisions with different types of SOA evolution scenarios, and (d) we outline a novel model for estimating the ROI of such evolution scenarios. This work rests squarely within the newly articulated area of \"Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME)\" as an \"interdisciplinary approach to the study, design, and implementation of service systems, i.e., complex systems in which specific arrangements of people and technologies take actions that provide value for others\". | TRID-ID TR07-09

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