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Proposal for Making Visible the Library's Role in the Technology Industry's Predation

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  • Even as we understand the labour, health, and environmental hazards of the technology industry, it increasingly roots itself in our daily lives and modes of being. The library space and services has likewise shifted to meet these changing needs, while still holding core values in sustainability and social responsibility. This poster session presents the framework of proposed research that seeks to better understand the relationship between the library, the exploitative electronic technology industry, and the previously mentioned values held by the library. This framework includes applying critical discourse analysis to the official documentation from American Library Association (ALA) and International Federation of Library Association (IFLA), compared against professional discourse in the Library and Information Studies (LIS) field. This will examine how these core values are understood and held from both groups. By further analyzing this data through a framework of Deleuze and Guattari’s (1987) assemblage theory, this study proposes to make connections for how the library produces and reproduces the inequalities and exploitation of the industry. This discussion will be grounded in a study of conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and toxic pollution in rural China. Finally, this proposed research works toward an examination of how libraries might resist, or become activist, resulting in a resource package for libraries to understand their position and ways to move forward. This research presents a mindfulness and sensitivity to the conflict of the benefits, joy, and necessity of technology, its fusion with human living, and the clear environmental and social exploitation its industry relies on; it brings together the values of the library and librarianship with a philosophy and ethics of technology.

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