NMP - A Network Multi-Processor

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  • Technical report TR88-22. The report describes an environment for performing experiments in distributed processing. It replaces an earlier (1985) report, reflecting changes in the system and terminology. Our system offers researchers an easy way to design, implement, and test parallel algorithms. It provides software tools which make possible a variety of connection structures between processes. These process structures are said to form a \"Network Multiprocessor\" (implemented on a local area network of VAX 11/780's, Sun workstations, dedicated MC 68000 processor boards, and a MIPS M/1000). We show how these tools have been used both to aid parallel algorithm development and to explore different computer interconnection methods. See also: \"A Network Multi-processor for Experiments in Parallelism\", T.A. Marsland,, Concurrency: Practice and Experience, Vol 3(3), pp.203-219, June 1991. | TRID-ID TR88-22

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