Device-Retargetable User Interface Reengineering Using XML

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  • Technical report TR01-11. With the increasing proliferation of computing devices and platforms, it has become increasingly important for organizations to make their existing software systems accessible to new environments. However, almost all the proposed solutions for this problem focus either on constructing user interface translators for the legacy system or on completely migrating the existing legacy system or its database to a new platform. Neither of these solutions is completely satisfactory. For one, with time the new system ages into another legacy system forcing the user to start another migration cycle by either constructing a new user interface translator or by migrating the system to the next platform. As both these methods consume immense human resources, the process of re-migration becomes quite expensive. Another problem that plagues all such solutions is the problem of risk mitigation. Usually legacy systems are multi-million dollar solutions that form the core of business model of their respective organizations. Thus, invasive solutions that require modifications to the legacy system code in order to graft a new interface to it are usually too risky to implement. Mathaino is a platform independent, non-invasive system that is capable of simultaneously migrating text based legacy systems to a range of modern GUI based target platforms. Unlike previously proposed solutions, which are semiautomatic at the best and deal with only a single target platform, the goals of Mathaino are to further automate the process of legacy system migration and enable simultaneous migration to multiple platforms. | TRID-ID TR01-11

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