Examination of Immunoregulatory Receptors in the Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

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    Cortes, Herman D
  • In response to pathogens, immune cells induce protective effector functions, such as degranulation, phagocytosis and cytokine secretion, which are initiated by stimulatory or inhibitory immunoregulatory receptors expressed on leukocytes. Using a fish immunological model system, the focus of my thesis work was to examine immunoregulatory receptors in vertebrates by further characterizing members of the teleost Leukocyte Immune-type Receptor (LITR) family. IpLITRs share structural and phylogenetic features with certain mammalian receptors involved in activating and abrogating immune cell functions. As stimulatory IpLITR2.6b associates with signaling adaptor molecule IpFcRγ-L, I expressed a chimeric construct of IpLITR2.6b with IpFcRγ-L in mammalian immune cells to examine its functional abilities. Engagement of this receptor- adaptor induced intracellular signaling and activation of degranulation and phagocytosis. I also expressed IpLITR1.1b, a receptor previously reported to inhibit natural killer cell cytotoxicity to examine its functions further. This inhibitory receptor surprisingly facilitated phagocytosis. This represents dual functionality among select IpLITR-types, which, to our knowledge, has not been reported before in fish. Taken together, these results highlight conserved aspects of immunoregulatory receptor signaling and function while revealing new insights that may contribute to our overall understanding of immunity.

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    Master of Science
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Biological Sciences
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    • Physiology, Cell and Developmental Biology
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    • Stafford, James (Biological Sciences)
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