Saudade: Redefining Body Image beyond Colonial Constructs

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  • Body image can be tough to talk about. In physical education (PE) classrooms, teachers may feel reluctant to engage in discussions about body image and food due to the colonial mindsets they hold. There needs to be an increase in promoting efforts to help bridge the gap for educators to reject colonial ways of viewing bodies and colonial constructs of what a healthy body is. Schools can emerge as catalysts for change, and educators play an important role in supporting students. However, change can only be done if educators begin to examine and challenge the very systems and perspectives that are built by current body narratives. While much research focuses on youth perceptions of body image, there is a gap in the
    perspectives of educators and how their own understanding influences their teaching practices. Since body image is a mandatory outcome in the Alberta PE curriculum, best approaches within the literature need to be examined. A focus on body neutrality and weight neutral approaches is
    suitable to understanding body image, two concepts that will later be discussed and explored.

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