Comparative analysis of Parrot, Kali Linux and Network Security Toolkit (NST)

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  • Cybersecurity is a very popular and crucial term in the Information Technology field. It is a way of protecting data, documents, networks and other information from any kind of intrude. Access to data can be of two types: authorized and unauthorized. Authorized access is the type of access
    in which user allows another user to have access/use his/her data. On the other hand, unauthorized access doesn’t allow any user to access data or information from anyone’s personal devices. There are three kinds of hackers in this world. First, White Hats (the good guys) are people who
    help organizations find and close security risks to their computer systems. They are also called legal hackers. Second, Black Hats (the bad guys) are the people who exploit the security weaknesses in computers and computer networks for malicious or criminal purposes. Grey Hats (neutral) are generally Black Hats turned good or people that have their own agenda for breaking into computer systems that are (in their minds) not usually malicious or criminal. (As cited in introduction.) *Publication date not found.

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