[Review of the book Causation and Explanation, by Ssillos]

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  • Introduction: Even though Psillos’s latest book is called Causation and Explanation, it is actually a unified discussion of causation, laws, and explanation. Despite the fact that these three topics are interconnected, it is rare to have detailed treatment of all of them. Psillos does not really aim at developing and defending his own detailed account of these issues. Instead, the book is best viewed as a textbook that gives a comprehensive overview of the literature on each of these topics and illuminates their interrelations. The discussion includes recent accounts such as Dowe’s theory of physical causation and Lange’s account of laws and their function in scientific reasoning.

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    • Brigandt, I. (2003). [Review of the book Causation and Explanation, by S. Psillos]. Philosophy of Science, 70(4), 844-846.
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