Pedagogies in physical education and wellness: How teachers promote secondary student engagement in physical education and wellness

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  • Student participation in physical education programs often diminishes when the course becomes an elective in high school. Throughout the history of physical and health education, there have been numerous pedagogical shifts, resulting in differing levels of student engagement. At the centre of these shifts were physical educators striving to create meaningful and purposeful physical education and wellness experiences. This intention is the foundation for the question driving this research project: How do teachers promote secondary student engagement in physical education? Through this meta-ethnographic study, I inquired into novel practices for physical educators to blend various strategies into meaningful physical education experiences for both students and teachers. Examining my own experiences, and in speaking with three physical educators with diverse backgrounds, I discovered the importance of balance, differentiation, and language. By acquiring a firm understanding of these components in connection to physical education pedagogies, a teacher may provide a more purposeful, relevant, and long-lasting impact on a student’s motivation to continue their physical education through their life.

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