The Voice over IP Challenge

  • An Empirical Study of VoIP Deployment and Performance Challenges

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  • The Telecom sector is subject to a strict set of standards with regards to the performance and availability of its systems. It has therefore primarily been a domain of proprietary and standardized software and hardware. Traditionally telecom companies have resisted change. With data overtaking Time Domain Multiplexed (TDM) voice as the primary component of traffic carried by the network, new innovations like Voice over IP (VoIP) are now gaining critical mass. VoIP enables carrying of voice over packet based data networks. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a disruptive killer application of the internet. In VoIP, voice is digitized, packetized and transported across long distances on the Internet. These packets are routed across the public internet to the destination where the reverse process is followed. (As cited in executive summary.) *Publication date not found.

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