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University Delegates Teleconference Minutes March 14, 2013

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  • Teleconference minutes are available for download for March 2013 University Delegate teleconference. Discussion included the Institutional visits and Town Hall meetings occurring across Canada. CIHR discussion with administrative leadership have provided information as to how to approach institutional support requirement. Further information will be provided to UDs at the June face-to-face meeting. The SPOR SUPPORT Unit jurisdictions continue to submit business plans and feedback has been provided from the International Adjudication Panel. The SPOR Mental Health Network has the LOI due on April 30 while the Community Based Primary Health Care Network is still under discussion. A list of priorities for future SPOR networks is being drafted from the recent call for Expression of Interest. For the March 2013 OOGP, CIHR received approximately 2,150 applications. The LOI deadline for the Collaborative Health Research Projects program is May 15, 2012. An update to the CCV User group was also provided.

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