Polygon Graph Recognition

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  • Technical report TR95-03. For any fixed integer k >= 2, define the class of k-polygon graphs as the intersection graphs of chords inside a convex k-polygon, where the endpoints of each chord lie on two different sides. The case where k=2 is degenerate; for our purpose, we view any pair of parallel lines as a 2-polygon. Hence, polygon graphs are all circle graphs. Interest in such graphs arises since a number of intractable problems on circle graphs can be solved in polynomial time on k-polygon graphs, for any fixed k, given a polygon representation of the input graph. In this paper we show that determining whether a given circle graph is a k-polygon graph, for any fixed k, can be solved in O(4^k n^2) time. The algorithm exploits the structure of a decomposition tree of the input graph and produces a k-polygon representation, if one exists. In contrast, we show that determining the minimum value of k is NP-complete. | TRID-ID TR95-03

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