2021 Summary of Instruction Activities at Selected Canadian University Libraries

  • Report for the University of Alberta Library Teaching & Learning Strategy Working Group

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  • In 2021 the University of Alberta (UAlberta) Library created a one-year Teaching & Learning (T&L) Strategy Working Group whose goal was to recommend a sustainable framework for a library-wide teaching and learning program that will rationalize and coordinate our teaching and instructional activities. Part of the group's work was to consult externally with other Canadian post-secondary libraries and learn more about what they are doing in this area.
    This report is a summary of what we learned and represents the 2021 instruction activities of the Canadian University Libraries we spoke to. The report should be read as a “snapshot in time” and the interviews were not exhaustive; so some information would have been missed and other pieces will have changed since the initial interviews. It should also be noted that the pandemic shutdowns that started in March 2020 and the subsequent move to online learning radically impacted instructional practices so many institutions, including ours, were in a period of flux.

    The goal of this report is to share what we learned in hopes that it helps others that are reviewing their teaching programs and that it might encourage further exploration into Library instruction.

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