Communication needs and services of children adopted from China's Waiting Child Program

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  • Purpose: Adoptions of non-special needs children from China have decreased dramatically over the past decade, while adoptions from the Waiting Child program have increased. Waiting children have identified medical needs or are over the age of 10 years. The purpose of this study was to determine the communication needs of children adopted from China’s Waiting Child Program. Method: Parents of 16 children adopted from China’s Waiting Child Program completed a survey containing questions about the child’s type of disability and their needs for speech-language pathology and audiology services. The survey also asked about their experiences accessing services that met their needs. The impact of different medical conditions on these needs and access was also examined. Results: The majority of parents did not have difficulty accessing services and most parents were very or extremely satisfied with the services their children received. Three parents expressed specific concerns they had in accessing the services they felt their child needed or continued to need. Conclusion: While the majority of parents did not experience difficulty accessing speech-language or hearing services and in general were very satisfied with the services received, future research could examine a greater number of parents to ensure this is a representative trend.

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