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PowerPoint use in undergraduate teacher education classes: Perspectives of elementary and secondary pre-service teachers

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  • Abstract This study investigated the pedagogical uses of PowerPoint in education classes among a group of university undergraduate elementary and secondary students. The study examined the perspectives of pre-service teachers’ personal views of PowerPoint and their perceived academic performance in education classes as the result of PowerPoint. The purpose of the study was to determine how the use of PowerPoint in the classroom is affecting learning among a group of undergraduate elementary and secondary students in university classes. The study utilized a survey research design that employed quantitative methods to obtain data for the study, in which questionnaires were distributed to thirty five students and twenty nine students responded. Results revealed that eighty six percent (86%) of the students agreed that they enjoyed classes taught using PowerPoint presentations as part of lectures. Findings also showed that most of the students agreed that PowerPoint presentations should continue as part of their lectures. Keywords: PowerPoint, undergraduate, pre-service teachers, elementary, secondary

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