Synthesis of Substituted Resorcinol Monomethyl Ethers from 2-Bromo-3-methoxycyclohex-2-en-1-ones

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  • 2-Bromo-3-methoxycyclohex-2-en-1-ones are readily alkylated at C-6 with
    reactive halides, and then treatment with DBU (2 equiv) in PhMe at room temperature results in
    smooth loss of bromide and aromatization to resorcinol (monomethyl ethers of defined
    substitution pattern.

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    • Shao, W., & Clive, D. L. J. (2016). Synthesis of substituted resorcinol monomethyl ethers from 2-bromo-3-methoxycyclohex-2-en-1-ones. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 80(6), 3211–3216.