Instagram and the Art of Curation

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  • Purpose: To examine the role that reflective, conscious curation of body-image-related Instagram
    content has on users and the suitability of participant diaries in collecting this information.

    Methods: Three female Instagram users took part in a qualitative phenomenological study where
    they completed participant diaries on curating the content of their personal Instagram accounts.
    A debrief interview took place after the journaling concluded. Data was then separated into
    significant statements and coded into themes.

    Findings: Data presented in this study demonstrates the benefits of this practice experienced by
    the participants indicating that this is a useful skill for social media users to be aware of and
    develop as it can have a real-world impact. However, participants are limited by the structural
    restrictions of Instagram itself.

    Conclusion: While Instagram’s structural limitations impact individual content curation, it was
    found that users were also applying the skill to areas beyond body image-related content.
    Findings may also be applied to future digital literacy strategies and initiatives.

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