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Silences. Can you see them?

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  • I am interested in the silences. What is not being said? What is omitted? My curiosity is about the silences surrounding the postpartum period. Specifically, how do our current practices in healthcare, such as pelvic health physiotherapy, shape our understanding of postpartum health, disability and rehabilitation? And how do these practices attend to, and contribute to these silences?

    This image was created using printmaking techniques exploring the idea of gestation and incubation. Beyond the initial organic imagery, I wanted the subdued and erased spaces to suggest these silences. Situated as a student in a clinical physiotherapy program that forefronts a biomedical understanding of the body, while simultaneously in a research program where I situate myself in a critical social space, I feel tensions. Embracing the messiness as a way to open ways of learning and seeing is a central idea to both this piece and my research.

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