Effect of soil temperature changes on geogrid strains

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  • Abstract: Temperatures were measured along instrumented geogrids to determine thermal strains and their changes with seasonal temperatures. It was observed that the application of temperature correction to the measured strain values by electrical wire resistance (EWR) strain gauges to compensate for temperature-induced strains is not correct. Because of the effects of soil confinement, the geogrids confined with soil do not undergo thermal expansion or contraction from temperature change if slippage between the soil and geogrid cannot occur. Instead of thermal strains, thermal stress or thermal force will be developed in the geogrids with the magnitude depending on the elastic properties, temperature change, and linear coefficient of thermal expansion.

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    • Zarnani, S., Scott, J. D., & Sego, D. C. (2011). Effect of soil temperature changes on geogrid strains. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 48(8), 1287-1294. DOI: 10.1139/T11-035.