Propagation and breaking of nonlinear internal gravity waves

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    Dosser, Hayley V
  • Internal gravity waves grow in amplitude as they propagate upwards in a non-Boussinesq fluid and weakly nonlinear effects develop due to interactions with an induced horizontal mean flow. In this work, a new derivation for this wave-induced mean flow is presented and nonlinear Schrodinger equations are derived describing the weakly nonlinear evolution of these waves in an anelastic gas and non-Boussinesq liquid. The results of these equations are compared with fully nonlinear numerical simulations. It is found that interactions with the wave-induced mean flow are the dominant mechanism for wave evolution. This causes modulational stability for hydrostatic waves, resulting in propagation above the overturning level predicted by linear theory for a non-Boussinesq liquid. Due to high-order dispersion terms in the Schrodinger equation for an anelastic gas, hydrostatic waves become unstable and break at lower levels. Non-hydrostatic waves are modulationally unstable, overturning at lower levels than predicted by linear theory.

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    Master of Science
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    University of Alberta
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    • Department of Physics
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    • Sutherland, Bruce R. (Physics / Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)
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    • Sydora, Richard D. (Physics)
    • Mann, Ian (Physics)
    • Swaters, Gordon E. (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)