An Analytical Model for Estimation of Internal Erosion Rate

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  • Estimating erosion rate of solid particles in a porous medium is of interest to geotechnical
    engineers; which use analytical or numerical models for this purpose. Constitutive law of erosion
    is a key component in the development of such models. These models estimate the solid erosion
    rate as a function of various modelling parameters such as fluid velocity and time.
    Using the principles of dimensional analysis, a constitutive law is proposed for assessment of the
    rate of erosion in relation to the fluid velocity and a dimensionless proportionality constant called
    the erosion coefficient, 𝜆. Based on physics of the erosion process, experimental observations
    and approximation theory, 𝜆 is expressed as a function of grain density, particle Reynolds
    number and porosity variation. Then, the proposed constitutive model is combined with the
    principle of conservation of mass to arrive at an analytical model for estimation of internal
    erosion rate.
    The analytical model shows that the erosion rate has a nonlinear direct relationship with fluid
    velocity and a nonlinear inverse relationship with time. The proposed analytical model is
    calibrated and validated using experimental data available in the literature. The validation results
    show that the model estimations of erosion rate can closely reproduce experimental data.

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