Bringing a New Life to the Northern Houses: An Experiment in the Redefining of Home

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  • This project will examine the role of design and technology in home spaces in the Northern part of Canada. It will explore the reciprocal relationship between mental health and Interior design. Recent research has demonstrated that individuals' well-being remains constant when both physical and psychological factors are at an equal level of satisfaction. The effective factors for this level of satisfaction are intimately related to culture, kinship beliefs, entertainment, and economic situations. This satisfaction could eventually affect the overall life quality of an individual, the essential factor to consider when having technology and design focus. Climate change has a significant influence on the Northern lifestyle; regarding the past studies, following the harsh cold climate, 90% of individuals spend their lives indoors in Northern lands. "Home" as an environment that most Northern lands occupants spend most of their time in, affects the well-being of its inhabitants remarkably; as Porteous states, "A home is more than a territorial core." Sociologists demonstrate that occupants define the meaning of "home." Roderik J.Lawrence (1987) also described home as: "A home is a complex entity that defines and is defined by cultural, sociodemographic, psychological, political and economic factors."

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