[Review of the book Reconstructing the Cognitive World, by Mheeler]

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  • Introduction: This book articulates and defends a view of cognition that contributes to the loose network of approaches to understanding the mind that fall under the headings of situated, embedded, and dynamic cognition. Andy Clark's Being There (1997) is perhaps the best-known philosophical work in this tradition, and there indeed is much that Wheeler shares with Clark, including the authorship of several articles. What distinguishes Wheeler's own view is his explicit attention to the work of Heidegger, and his attempt to demonstrate the fit between developing work in the cognitive sciences that falls under the situated or embedded rubric and the philosophical perspective on cognition articulated by Heidegger, especially in Being and Time (1926).

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    • Wilson, R.A. (2006). [Review of the book Reconstructing the Cognitive World, by M. Wheeler]. Philosophy in Review, 26(5), 386-388.
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