Theoretical Guidance on the Determinants of Success in Agricultural Marketing and Production Clubs

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  • Producer's marketing and production clubs have operated in Alberta, either as formal or informal clubs established with the support of Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AARFD), Farm Business Management Program (FBMP) or private consultants. AAFRD and FBMP have actively promoted agriculture marketing and production clubs as a mechanism to enhance farmers' skills at using market information and improving their operations through information transfer. Some of these clubs have been successful at enhancing farm managers' ability to adapt to change and foster a management mindset. While substantial resources are provided by AAFRD, FBMP and farm managers to operate these clubs, there has not been an evaluation of the roles these resources, and other factors, contribute to the successful establishment and operation of these clubs. It is evident from casual observation that many of the clubs are very successful, while others are marginally beneficial. Some of these clubs fall short in the areas of organization, leadership and support. Many of these shortcomings could be addressed with a better understanding of the key attributes of success of these clubs. In February 1997, researchers in Rural Economy collaborated with AAFRD and FBMP to evaluate these clubs in Alberta. The purpose of the project is to determine the key attributes of success in the establishment, objectives, operation and maintenance of agricultural marketing and production clubs. The expected benefits of this project include a higher degree of success of current clubs to improve the skills and knowledge of club members and leaders in the areas of marketing and production.

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