State-of-the-art iridium-based catalysts for acidic water electrolysis: a minireview of wet-chemistry synthesis methods

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  • With the increasing demand for clean hydrogen production, both as a fuel and an
    indispensable reagent for chemical industries, acidic water electrolysis has attracted
    considerable attention in academic and industrial research. Iridium is a well-accepted active
    and corrosion-resistant component of catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). However,
    its scarcity demands breakthroughs in catalyst preparation technologies to ensure its most
    efficient utilization. This minireview focusses on the wet-chemistry synthetic methods of the
    most active and (potentially) durable Ir catalysts for acidic OER, selected from the recent
    publications in the open literature. The catalysts are classified by their synthesis methods,
    with authors' opinion on their practicality. The review may also guide the selection of the
    state-of-the-art Ir catalysts for benchmarking purposes.

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