Identification of atomistic mechanisms for grain boundary migration in [001] twist boundaries: molecular dynamics simulations

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    Yan, Xinan
  • In this thesis, molecular dynamics simulations were performed to characterize the atomic motions governing grain boundary migration in a series of [001] twist boundaries. Particularly, migrations of a θ=36.87° Σ5, a θ=22.63° Σ13 and a θ=40.23° general high angle [001] twist boundaries driven by stored elastic energy in fcc Ni were investigated. Atomic motions during migration were identified as the combination of single atom jump and string-like cooperative atomic motions. The simulation results confirmed that the collective 4-atom shuffle motion was the rate controlling atomic motion during the migration of Σ5 twist boundary. As grain boundary local symmetry decreasing, string-like cooperative atomic motions became increasingly important. Eventually, both random single atom jump and string-like cooperative motions became dominant during the migration of general non-Σ twist boundary. Furthermore, simulations showed that activation energy for grain boundary migration was well correlated with the average string length occurring within boundary.

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    Master of Science
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