Rating the walkability of cities: a participatory approach - Preliminary Research Project

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  • Aiming to increase the importance of pedestrian experience in urban design, we are proposing the development of a participatory walkability rating system, consisting of a mobile application that gathers perceptual and factual data from people’s daily walks. In the first part of this paper we present a review of the existing walkability rating methods and highlight the two key issues of the approaches they use to assess pedestrian friendliness: either they focus on the wrong scale or they implement audit processes that are carried out by a staff or algorithms that are external to the place. In the second part we present the ways our proposal would improve on these approaches, and discuss the results of the pilot that we implemented to test our idea. We found that the development and use of a mobile application would be an asset for the participatory approach of the proposal, though there are several challenges to overcome in future stages of the project.

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