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Finite Larmor radius effects in stimulated Raman scattering

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  • Stimulated Raman scattering from a magnetized plasma has been examined using the set of Vlasov–Maxwell equations. The incident laser light, propagating in the form of an extraordinary mode, decays into a scattered extraordinary mode together with electron‐Bernstein waves. For sufficiently strong magnetic fields and high electron temperatures, the growth rates of these waves become comparable to the field‐free values. At relatively low plasma densities the magnetic field can result in scattered light at ω0/2 (where ω0 is the laser frequency), a frequency associated with radiation emitted from the quarter‐critical density region of unmagnetized plasmas. We have compared the results from the kinetic theory analysis with observations from numerical experiments using a 1 1/2 ‐D electromagnetic particle code and found them to be in good agreement.

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    • Boyd, T. J. M., Gardner, G. A., & Rankin, Robert. (1985). Finite Larmor radius effects in stimulated Raman scattering. The Physics of fluids, 28(4), 1193-1195.
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