Evaluating the Quebec Beef Market: An Alberta Perspective

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  • In 1995 interprovincial beef exports accounted for 57% of Alberta beef production, while international beef exports only represented 24%. Quebec accounted for approximately 50% of the interprovincial beef exports from Alberta and 28% of Alberta beef production. The Quebec beef market has four unique characteristics: * its degree of deficiency in high quality beef production * its long distance from supply points * the composition of retail stores in Quebec * it is the only market that purchases large quantities of grade \"A\" beef. The overall objective of this study is to evaluate the Quebec beef market from the perspective of the Alberta beef industry. The specific objectives are to (1) provide an updated background on the Alberta beef industry and the Quebec beef market, (2) identify the perceptions of Quebec beef buyers regarding Alberta beef compared with beef from other origins (US, Quebec and Ontario) and (3) propose marketing strategies for Alberta beef producers and packers regarding the Quebec beef market in order to maintain or increase their market share in the Quebec beef market. The target segment is Quebec's market for high quality grain fed beef.

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