TaMeX: A Task-structure Based Mediation Architecture for Integration of Web Applications Using XML

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  • Technical report TR01-07. Nowadays, there exists an enormous number of Web-based applications that offer information and services in support of a variety of a ctivities. These services can be competitive or complementary. Nevertheless, as they do not interoperate, it is up to the user to ac cess them individually, interpret their responses to his requests, and compare or combine these services. In this thesis, in the content of the TaMeX project, we develop a task-structure based mediation architecture for integration of Web applications offering information and services in a specific domain. At the center of an integrated TaMeX application is a mediator, whose behaviors are driv en by its task structure. Its responsibilities are to interact with the user and to effectively integrate the available resource app lications in order to accomplish the user's task. The integration of the resource applications is based on the availability of a com mon domain model and a set of wrappers driving and extracting information from their corresponding Web resources. The construction o f a wrapper is based on a hierarchical approach to generating grammars for information extraction from HTML documents. From a methodological point of view, in TaMeX, we explore the use of XML and its related technologies. XML is used as a declarative modeling language for a mediator's domain ontology and task structure, and as an intermediate data structure for information exchang e. XPath expressions are used for representing wrapper extraction rules. In addition, XSL stylesheets are used for generating a med iator's user interface. | TRID-ID TR01-07

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