Con·sum·pla·tion /känsuhm-pleyˈplāSH(ə)n/

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  • Inspired by principles of sustainable design, slow design, and minimalism, this thesis
    support document and the accompanying gallery exhibition titled Consumplation
    contain concepts that aim to improve the human condition while balancing individual,
    socio-cultural and environmental needs. This document and exhibition feature a range
    of subjects including an approach to implementing cricket farms in rural Zambia, a
    mobile application for converting North American grass turf (lawns) into sustainable
    farms, and molds for manufacturing roof tiles from recycled plastic.
    The goal of this thesis project and exhibition is to focus on defining a design approach
    which promote the creation of products and services which reduce consumption leading
    to the destruction of our environment. The case studies in Consumplation follow a
    theme of anthropogenic activities with negative environmental impacts. Understanding
    the needs of individuals and communities featured in each case study helps to address
    activities with negative environmental impacts. The concepts in Consumplation are an
    opportunity for design students, and people in general, to develop skills and practices to
    improve the human condition.

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