A narrative inquiry into the experiences of elementary school-based counsellors amidst a pandemic

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  • According to Youth Mental Health Canada, approximately 1.2 million Canadian children and adolescents are experiencing mental health issues. Yet less than 20% of Canadian students will receive or have access to adequate mental health care and treatment for their illness. As the demand for mental health support continues to grow amidst a pandemic, schools will be assigned the daunting task of addressing mental health issues with students. With the overwhelming demand for services, school-based counsellors will be stretched, exhausted and at risk for burnout. This narrative inquiry aims to attend to the experiences of school-based counsellors amidst a pandemic as they strive to support the mental health needs of children and families in schools. As a school-based counsellor, I narratively inquire into my experiences while also attending to the experiences of two other school-based counsellor participants. This research offers insight into how administrators, policymakers, school districts, communities, and governments can better support school-based counsellors in schools, particularly during a pandemic. By attending to the lived experiences of school-based counsellors, this, in turn, supports students, families, staff, and communities who rely on school-based counsellors as essential front-line professionals.

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