Objective score versus subjective satisfaction: Impact on emotions following immediate score reporting

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  • There are positive feedback loops between students’ grades and emotions. However, subjective
    appraisals, not grades, are theorized to trigger emotions. We extended previous research by
    comparing the effects of objective score and subjective appraisals of the score (i.e., satisfaction)
    on emotions. We used an ecologically-valid quasi-experimental design and found differences in
    how objective score compared to satisfaction impacted emotions. Main effects for score showed
    positive associations with hope, pride, relief, and negative associations with anxiety, anger, and
    shame. An interaction for satisfaction occurred such that students who were satisfied with their
    score had the same effect as objective score, but students who were unsatisfied with their score
    felt less hope, pride, relief, and more anger and shame. Implications for the control-value theory
    of emotions as well as for instructors are discussed.

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