iSCSI Switch: An Implementation of a Software Switch for the iSCSI Storage Protocol

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  • The IP storage technology becomes very popular nowadays, as a consequence of the rapid evolution in the IP networking infrastructure technology in terms of speed and reliability. The 10GBaseT standard 802.3an offers the speed of 10 GBps over copper wire with a Bit Error Rate of 10-12 , at the same level of speed and quality with optical fiber links. This is fact, IP networks becomes very reliable starting with the physical layer and taking into account the reliability mechanisms implemented at the upper layers as for example CRC32 error detection at the data link layer, internet checksum at the transport layer and also the header and data digest protection implemented at the application layer, we can conclude that the data error probability
    on a modern TCP/IP connection is at least comparable with the one of a physical SCSI bus. In addition, the IP technology has no distance limitations in compare to the physical SCSI bus, therefore the entire Internet can be used as a huge storage network with a minimal cost of an internet connection.

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