GIGA Program Description and Operation

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  • Technical report TR92-06. This document describes the gene invariant genetic algorithm (GIGA) program. This program represents a unique approach to designing GAs with many interesting results. The primary distinguishing feature is that when a pair of offspring are created and chosen as worthy of membership in the population, they replace their parents. In the absence of mutation, this has the effect of maintaining the original genetic material over time, although it is reorganized, and hence the ``invariant'' in the name. The source code for the GIGA program, written in the programming language C, is available on line. This document explains how to use this program and describes the inputs. It also discusses the design philosophy and indicates several possibilities for future extensions and variations. See also: Michael Lewchuk, Master's Thesis, \"Genetic Invariance: A New Approach to Genetic Algorithms\", April 1992 Technical Report TR92-05 Joseph Culberson, \"Genetic Invariance: A New Paradigm for Genetic Algorithm Design\", June 1992 Technical Report TR92-02 | TRID-ID TR92-06

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