Sedimentology and Neoichnology of a Mixed-Energy Estuary, Tillamook Bay, Oregon, United States

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    Bistran, Rares
  • Studies of modern, marginal marine sedimentary environments are widely used in paleoenvironmental interpretations, due to the high amount of sedimentological and neoichnological insight they can provide. Limited studies have been conducted on the distribution of facies in mixed-energy estuaries, which, when incorporated with observations from tide- and wave-dominated estuaries, can provide a better understanding of the range of controls on sediment and trace distribution within interpreted estuary settings observed in the rock record. This study focuses on the sedimentological and neoichnological facies observed within the inner estuary, middle estuary, and outer estuary settings of the mixed-energy Tillamook Bay Estuary, Oregon. Field research and data collection consists of detailed surface and subsurface observations aided by sediment cores. The sedimentological and neoichnological facies model presented contributes to the knowledge of proximal to distal facies models of estuary settings, ranging from the innermost fluvial-tidal transition zone to the outermost estuary, tidal sand bar-dominated zone.

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    Master of Science
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