Guidelines on security best practices in Cloud of Things (CoT)

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  • Cloud of Things (CoT) is the amalgamation of Cloud Computing (CC) and Internet of Things (IoT) where these two diverse technologies support each other for highperformance smart applications such as smart cities. IoT systems generate an enormous amount of data via sensors/actuators with limited storage capacity, cloud computing with scalable and elasticity capabilities plays a pivotal role in enabling and meeting business needs. Although CoT systems have proven to be beneficial which is evident that the IoT Cloud platform market worth has been increasing and supporting the business to scale, this also raises many security and privacy challenges. Most of the attacks/risks which are common in cybersecurity space also apply in CoT systems such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), Man in the middle attacks, data leakage, unauthorized access, but with greater attack surface area. The objective of this research is to educate learners about attacks associated with CoT deployment and identify best practices to aid the organizations to attenuate the security and privacy risks which is one of the gaps. To achieve the research objective, attacks associated with CoT are identified and mapped with NIST 800-53 R5 document. In addition, security best practices are reviewed and collated from security frameworks, standards, and guidelines documents to address each of the identified attacks.

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