Excretion of trimethoprim through urine of healthy males

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  • Drug disposition investigated under indigenous conditions showed variations when compared with the values given in the literature. These variations emphasize the basis of indigenous investigations. Urinary excretion of trimethoprim was investigated in eight healthy human (male) volunteers. The drug was given orally as single dose and the urine samples were collected at predetermined time intervals after the drug administration. The average pH, concentration and rate of excretion were 6.44±0.164, 11.676±2.77 μg/mL and 0.185±0.397 μg/min/kg, respectively. The cumulative per cent dose of trimethoprim excreted in urine of healthy male after 12 h following its oral administration (160 mg) was 9.667±1.081.

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    • Babar, T. M., Ullah, A., Jabbar, A., Tahir, N., Mahmood, H., Aamir, M., & Nawaz, R. (2004). Excretion of trimethoprim through urine of healthy males. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 6(4), 701-703. Retrieved from: http://www.fspublishers.org/Issue.php?categoryID=26
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