Multi-Antenna Relay Networks with Joint Transmit-Receive Antenna Selection and Adaptive Modulation

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  • In this project, the adaptive modulation techniques are studied for multi-antenna amplify-and-forward relay networks with optimal transmit-receive pair selection. Multiple-antenna technology and relay networks are being studied for fourth and subsequent wireless communication standards. Specifically, the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay networks are currently receiving significant research interest, and they are being developed for optimizing the trade-offs among the various important performance metrics of cellular networks including the spectral efficiency, coverage, outage probability, and average bit error rate. Moreover, the adaptive modulation techniques have been integral components of modern
    wireless systems and have been shown to significantly improve the achievable spectral efficiency. Further, antenna selection for MIMO systems is an attractive, simple and low cost transmission strategy. Due to the aforementioned benefits and potential impact, in this project, the performance of MIMO relay networks with adaptive modulation and transmit-receive antenna pair selection is studied. (As cited in abstract.)

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