Mutable Object State for Object-Oriented Logic Programming: A Survey

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  • Technical report TR93-15. One of the most difficult problems on the way to an integration of Object-Oriented and Logic Programming is the modeling of changeable object state(i.e. object dynamics) in a particular logic in order not to forfeit the declarative nature of LP. Classical logic is largely unsuitable for such a task, because it adopts a general (both temporally and spatially), Platonic notion of validity, whereas object state changes over time and is local to an object. This paper presents the problem and surveys the state-of-the-art approaches to its solution, as well as some emerging, promising new approaches. The paper tries to relate the different approaches, to evaluate their merits and deficiencies and to identify promising directions for development. The emphasis in this survey is on efficient implementation of state change, one which would be suitable for the lowest fundamental level of a general OOLP language. The following approaches are covered: Assert/Retract, Declarative Database Updates and Transaction Logic, Modal and Dynamic Logics, Perpetual Objects, Logical Objects and Linear Objects, Linear Logic, Rewriting Logic and MaudeLog.

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