Who Posts, Who Shares, Who Tells Your Story: A content analysis on how the public interacts with sharenting

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  • In today’s digitised society, people actively share their lives on social media networks, including
    popular platforms like Instagram. For parents this can include sharing, and sometimes
    oversharing, about their children. This is called sharenting, and previous research has shown that
    it can impact privacy, consent, identity formation, physical and digital safety, and even result in
    identity theft, Deepfakes, and impact parent-child relationships. While research in this area has
    been increasing since 2016, the literature does not include significant research on how parents
    are encouraged to share about their children by their social media networks. This led to my
    research question, what are some ways that members of the public interact with sharenting and
    how does this relate to current sharenting research? Through a content analysis on two cases,
    this research is grounded in current literature and communication privacy management theory.
    The findings inform readers of how social capital and positive reinforcement encourage
    sharenting, and the conclusion provides research-grounded recommendations for how parents
    can navigate the tension between protecting their child’s digital footprint and the social pressure
    they are under to participate in sharenting.

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