Isolation of a porcine male specific DNA sequence

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  • A 3.8 kb male specific fragment was observed following agarose gel etectrophoresis of porcine DNA digested with Sph I. DNA was recovered from this region of a gel using DE-81 paper and ligated to Sph I digested pUC18. Plasmids carrying male specific sequences were identified by their differential hybridization to male and female genomic DNA labelled by random hammer priming. One such plasmid (pDALY13) was found to contain a 3.8kb fragment which can be used to unambiguously differentiate between male and female porcine DNA, for example by Southern Wot analysis (Fig. 1) or by slot Mots (Fig. 2). Hybridization to female DNA was only observed after prolonged exposure of such blots. The number of copies of the repeat sequence on the Y chromosome is at least 200 fold higher than In the rest of the genome. Probes generated from pDALY13 are therefore ideal for sexing porcine embryos or for a wiring techniques for separating X and Y-bearing porcine sperm.

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    • Mileham, A.J., Siggens, K.W., and Plastow, G.S. (1988). Isolation of a porcine male specific DNA sequence. Nucleic Acids Research, 16(24), 11842.
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