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Demos: Life in Common - Banff Research in Culture (Research Residency)

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  • Demos: Life in Common is the theme of 2015's Banff Research in Culture research residency. During the three weeks of this residency, participants are Invited to consider critically and analytically the varied ways in which we constitute and experience collective life in this century. Demos brings together artists, writers, researchers, and cultural producers who in their work are exploring the ways in which we might reinvigorate democratic life today---not just 'democratic' in its narrow, political sense, but as life in common in which being and belonging engenders the full flourishing of individuals and communities. Over three weeks, in addition to making public presentations of their research, participants will engage in experiments of thinking, action, and making---demos that challenge the self-certainties and pieties of existing structures and practices, and so help to envision and enable renewed forms of democratic life.

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