GPON: Installation, Commissioning, and Testing of Flexlight Solution

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  • This document introduces the concept of Passive Optical Networks and provides an explanation of BPON and EPON standards. A separate chapter, based on ITU‐T G.984 recommendations, is dedicated to a comprehensive explanation of the GPON standard. Also, the FlexLight GPON solution is introduced and a description of the equipment available in the MINT Lab, including the possible configurations, commissioning, testing, troubleshooting and QoS features is given. Since there is no manual for the FlexLight network management system version 2, a user guide
    was compiled and is included in this document. This version was preferred because is providing a more user friendly access of the FlexManage monitoring, control and maintenance capabilities over the PON. This document was written as a reference manual for the MINT Lab. It is our hope that it will benefit future students which are interested in this new technology.

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