Math anxiety and growth mindset: Building Teacher Efficacy

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  • For many students, math is seen as an anxiety-inducing performance subject; their role in math class is to get as many answers correct as possible. Many students enter the education profession and become teachers. Can teachers successfully manage their anxiety and let go of their preconceived notions about themselves as learners? Through a semi-formal interview process, research explored teacher management of math anxiety and teaching growth mindset in math education; as well as anxieties about teaching mathematics to investigate the impacts anxiety has on growth mindset, efficacy, and confidence in teachers. Further, what mathematics practices and strategies that in turn, will impact the mathematical mindsets that teachers and students alike have about themselves as learners. The research in this paper suggests that teachers who gradually let go of traditional teaching practices and allow themselves to learn alongside their students; to allow mistakes and show students how to learn through mistake-making, can alter their own mindsets about math. A change in teacher identity may impact the mathematical mindsets that students have about themselves as learners.

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